Customer Renovations

Customer Renovations


For our first Blog Post we wanted to give examples of our customers installing our lighting décor for their home renovations. 

The image below shows the start of Holdan renovations project. This project includes a complete refurb of their open plan kitchen and living area. This project looks great from the beginning because features such as the big bi-folding windows/doors induce natural lighting within the open plan living area.


As you can see the image below shows the finished project - the kitchen and living area was completed to a high standard with a marble kitchen island and a white favored interior design with black highlights.

The colour contrasts in our opinion create a deeper sense of space about the living area, utilizing the natural light coming through the bi-folds.

The project makes use of The Retro Loft Chandelier.

This is a Haus of interiors best seller. The use of these lights really adds a focal point to the modern interior design. As you can see this chandelier was used for the kitchen and living area. The use of 2 identical chandeliers really keeps the simplicity of the design.

Overall this project in our opinion is simplistic, modern, sophisticated and finished to a high standard. 

We feel lucky our lights got to complement the design and add focal points to each area of the open plan design. 

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