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Matrix Glow RingsMatrix Glow Rings
Matrix Glow Rings Sale priceFrom €454,95
The Kingsman ChandelierThe Kingsman Chandelier
The Kingsman Chandelier Sale price€702,95
Blurred Bubbles Ceiling Chandelier - Stone Glass Globes, Gold Ceiling Plate, Ceiling MoutedBlurred Bubbles Chandelier
Blurred Bubbles Chandelier Sale priceFrom €636,95
Nordic Light Stick
Nordic Light Stick Sale priceFrom €132,95
Nordic Slide Sticks • 2 Pack
Nordic Slide Sticks • 2 Pack Sale priceFrom €298,95
The Heritage Gold
The Heritage Gold Sale priceFrom €697,95
The Retro Loft - GoldThe Retro Loft - Gold
The Retro Loft - Gold Sale priceFrom €576,95
The Retro Loft - BlackThe Retro Loft - Black
The Retro Loft - Black Sale priceFrom €576,95
Disruption Sale priceFrom €940,95
The Vibe Cloud
The Vibe Cloud Sale priceFrom €357,95
Glitch • Gold • 2-PackGlitch • Gold • 2-Pack
Glitch • Gold • 2-Pack Sale price€212,95
Organic CoveOrganic Cove
Organic Cove Sale priceFrom €297,95
Italian Glass Pendants • Clear • 2-PackItalian Glass Pendants • Clear • 2-Pack
Luxe Light Crystals - Staircase ChandelierLuxe Light Crystals - Staircase Chandelier
Luxe Light Crystals - Staircase Chandelier Sale priceFrom €1.263,95
Bronze Table Globes - 2 PackBronze Table Globes - 2 Pack
Bronze Table Globes - 2 Pack Sale priceFrom €151,95
Matrix Floor LampMatrix Floor Lamp
Matrix Floor Lamp Sale priceFrom €332,95
Glitch • Black • 2-PackGlitch • Black • 2-Pack
Glitch • Black • 2-Pack Sale price€212,95
Glitch • Black and Gold • 2-PackGlitch • Black and Gold • 2-Pack
Glitch • Green Stone • 2-PackGlitch • Green Stone • 2-Pack
DNA ChandelierDNA Chandelier
DNA Chandelier Sale priceFrom €1.182,95
Art Deco BubbleArt Deco Bubble
Art Deco Bubble Sale priceFrom €544,95
Paris Sale price€72,95
Minimal Light BarMinimal Light Bar
Minimal Light Bar Sale priceFrom €156,95
Smoked Loft Pendant
Smoked Loft Pendant Sale priceFrom €217,95
Cosmos PendantsCosmos Pendants
Cosmos Pendants Sale priceFrom €212,95
Nordic Pendent Drop LampNordic Pendent Drop Lamp
Nordic Pendent Drop Lamp Sale price€145,95
Nordic Light PendantNordic Light Pendant
Nordic Light Pendant Sale priceFrom €91,95
Nordic Copper WineNordic Copper Wine
Nordic Copper Wine Sale price€309,95
Comos Sale priceFrom €600,95
New MoonNew Moon
New Moon Sale priceFrom €333,95
Nordic BubbleNordic Bubble
Nordic Bubble Sale priceFrom €350,95
Nordic TulipNordic Tulip
Nordic Tulip Sale price€107,95
The Nordic ButtonThe Nordic Button
The Nordic Button Sale price€188,95
Candy Sale price€236,95
London Loft Bubble GoldLondon Loft Bubble Gold
London Loft Bubble Gold Sale price€641,95
Rounded Light BarRounded Light Bar
Rounded Light Bar Sale priceFrom €139,95
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Blurred RetroBlurred Retro
Blurred Retro Sale priceFrom €474,95
Culture Sale priceFrom €345,95
Nordic Tulip PendantNordic Tulip Pendant
Nordic Tulip Pendant Sale price€120,95
Wood Light BarWood Light Bar
Wood Light Bar Sale priceFrom €328,95
Oxford Pendant LampsOxford Pendant Lamps
Oxford Pendant Lamps Sale priceFrom €59,95
Nordic Rings Circle ChandelierNordic Rings Circle Chandelier
Nordic Rings Circle Chandelier Sale priceFrom €752,95
Blade Light BarBlade Light Bar
Blade Light Bar Sale priceFrom €302,95
Mystic GlobesMystic Globes
Mystic Globes Sale priceFrom €726,95
The EclipseThe Eclipse
The Eclipse Sale priceFrom €144,95
Outdoor Minimal Light Bar
Outdoor Minimal Light Bar Sale priceFrom €95,95
The Heritage BlackThe Heritage Black
The Heritage Black Sale priceFrom €697,95
Nordic Crystal ChandelierNordic Crystal Chandelier
Nordic Crystal Chandelier Sale priceFrom €424,95
Lollipop Wall LampLollipop Wall Lamp
Lollipop Wall Lamp Sale price€115,95
London Loft Bubble DropLondon Loft Bubble Drop
London Loft Bubble Drop Sale price€483,95