How To Maximise Your Interior Images

How To Maximise Your Interior Images
At Haus of Interiors, we're always inspired by the beautiful interior images tagged by our community on Instagram. It's amazing how creativity and style can transform a room into a warm and cosy space.
With the incredible cameras packed into our smartphones, taking photos of your home has never been easier. While quick shots are convenient, the best interior photos are carefully planned to showcase all details and elements in perfect harmony.
However, capturing the warm light from a light fitting can be challenging, especially when finding a balance with other lights in the room. So, we’re here to share our top tips for taking better interior photos with your smartphone:
      1. Balancing the Warm Light. One of the biggest challenges in taking quality photos of lamps is capturing the warm light in a way that’s balanced with other lights in the space. A lamp will always look best with its light on. We recommend turning off other sources of artificial light and waiting for the right moment when the natural light and the lamp's light are balanced (golden hour is our saviour!).

      1. Straightening the Camera. It's important to keep the camera straight when taking interior photos so that the lines and shapes are natural. Using a tripod or an improvised stand to stabilise the camera can help improve the quality of the image.

      1. Choosing Decorative Elements. We advise choosing only a few carefully selected decorations in the room to include in the photo. The image will look better if it's not too minimalistic, but instead has a few select items that will add to the image.

    1. Lower The Camera. If you're shooting a whole room, lower your camera so it's at waist level (your belly button is a good guideline). It might feel like the camera is too low, but it creates a perfect angle that mimics what you see at eye level - making it feel like you've stepped into the image. You might have to kneel on the floor or crouch down to get this effect whilst still being able to see the camera screen!

We hope these handy tips will allow you to capture the beauty and warmth of your space and share it with the world.

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