Unleash Your Inner Designer: Exciting Colour Trends for Summer 2023

Unleash Your Inner Designer: Exciting Colour Trends for Summer 2023

As we say goodbye to neutral interiors, it's time to welcome bold colours and prints that infuse life into your home.

Colour trends for Summer 2023 are all about impacting your mood with positive and uplifting tones. Embrace these colours fearlessly by experimenting with wall paints, statement furniture, and unique décor pieces.

In addition, a spectrum of new neutrals, like earthy browns, mushroom grey tones, and beige hues, will make their mark.

Let's explore the hottest colour trends dominating interior design this Summer.



1. Pistachio

This retro-inspired shade of green is both happy and positive. Pistachio's soft sophistication comes from its complex pigmentation, which adds a unique allure. Pair it with delicate sage greens for a fresh, uplifting look.


Mushroom color & porcini lamp

2. Mushroom Grey

Mushroom grey, a warm alternative to traditional grey, will be a trendsetter in 2023. This nature-inspired hue creates calm, quiet, and cosy environments, especially in living rooms. Pair this shade with the Porcini lamp in Silver for a cool and confident look.


Rust & copper porcini

 3. Rust

Rust's earthy decadence evokes the jewel-tone colours popular last year. This rich red, brown, and orange blend softens spaces, making them cosy and welcoming. Incorporate this shade with the Porcini lamp in Copper for an earthy glow.


Gold light stick

4. Silver and Gold

Incorporate silver and gold through materials like brass, nickel, glass, and stainless steel to bring opulence into your home. These reflective materials can enhance other colours in the room. Add a metal touch and complement your interior design with the Gold Nordic Light Stick.


sage green & terracotta

5. Jade

This jewel tone is gaining popularity with its tranquil and striking aesthetics. Jade's coastal chic vibe pairs well with neutrals and terracotta for an understated scheme in modern bedrooms or bathrooms.



Honey & tile6. Honeyed Tones

Muted, pastel colours like earthy yellows and oranges are versatile and easily incorporated into various interior schemes. Try adding tonal shades on tiles and walls for cohesion in kitchens and bathrooms.



Lavender7. Lavender

Once associated with wealth and royalty, purple is returning in contemporary aesthetics. Lavender adds a fresh dynamic to any interior design.



Magenta8. Magenta Pink

From "Barbiecore" to Pantone's Color of the Year, magenta is making a statement. Incorporate this bold hue on woodwork, kitchen cabinetry, or a front door for a characterful touch without overwhelming the space.



Warm beige and inverted lamp

9. Warm Beige

Neutral bedroom trends return with warm, earthy creams that create a restful ambience. Pair these tones with soft terracotta or deep reds for depth and sophistication. Pair this colour with the Inverted lamp, a deep red accessory to complement the tone of your space.



Paprika & linen10. Paprika

As terracotta evolves into vibrant paprika shades, homes will stand out even more. Blend different paprika tones with neutral fabrics and linens for a cohesive, sophisticated aesthetic.



Sunlit Yellow

11. Sunlit Yellows with Black Accents

Pair bright yellow with black accents for a joyful, monochromatic look. Matte black fixtures and furniture will make the colour pop.



Warm summer tones

12. Warm Summery Tones

Uplifting shades like yellows, tangerines, pale purples, and baby pinks create a sophisticated, grown-up look that brings the summer feeling indoors.



Deep blue13. Rich Blues

Deep blues bring a grounding familiarity to any space. Embrace darker shades for a dramatic, cocooning room.




14. Deep Jewel Shades

Dark and stormy colours, like deep plum or black with red undertones, add warmth and elegance to spaces. Pair them with pink to add a lightness to your space.



teal & pink

15. Baby Pinks Paired with Teal Greens

This daring colour combination of hot pink and forest green is gaining popularity in contemporary interiors. Since they complement each other on the colour wheel, they create a harmonious and eye-catching look.




16. Neutral Stone Hues

Warm neutral stone tones offer a refreshing alternative to cold greys and traditional creams. These gentle neutrals work well in any area of the home, providing a cosy canvas for fabrics, wallpaper, and furnishings.


As you embrace the colour trends of Summer 2023, remember to have fun and express your personality through your interiors. Whether you're drawn to earthy neutrals or vivid hues, these exciting colours will breathe new life into your home and create spaces that you'll love spending time in.

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