A Delicate Dance Between Retro & Modern.

A Delicate Dance Between Retro & Modern.

Whilst the eco-friendly benefits of LED bulbs are a motivator for many to flick the switch, it's impossible to look past the retro appearance of the incandescent bulb. The best of both worlds is now at your fingertips.
With the filament LED bulb, you can create a beautifully lit decor without compromising on the environment (or your energy consumption). The warm, soft lighting of the filament LED coupled with nordic-style fittings creates an inviting setting to create memories with your loved ones.
Encased inside the blown glass orbs of European-style fittings, the filament LED radiates beautiful warm light throughout your home. Combining this retro appearance with European-style lighting creates the perfect balance between old and new. 
Lighting that combines two contrasting styles will add a sense of sophistication to your space. Your unique curation of furniture will be shaped by a European-inspired fixture with warm, filament LED lights illuminating the space. By using this combination, you create a space that leaves a lasting impression on every visitor.


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