Enhance Your Home With Minimal Energy

Enhance Your Home With Minimal Energy
Top tips for reducing energy usage this autumn

 With energy costs rising, it's important to minimise energy usage in your homes. So, we're bringing you some top tips to reduce energy consumption whilst still having beautiful dazzling light throughout your home.



When using traditional incandescent bulbs, you're using up to 90% more energy than if you were to use an LED bulb. So a simple way to save is to replace your incandescent bulbs with LED alternatives.

LED bulbs are available for all standard sockets and come in various shapes, sizes & tones. Opt for a warmer tone to create a cosy feel to your home this autumn. 

Haus of Interiors lights look incredible when fitted with an LED bulb. Many lights are already built with LED lighting within the structure, making it easier to make the switch!


Brighten Up

Choosing lights with glass bowls/globes allows more light to travel around your space, requiring fewer lights to brighten up a room. Having thick, dark light shades can absorb light, meaning you need additional light sources to brighten a room. 

Nordic style fittings often feature exposed bulbs and LED strips, making these fittings perfect for ensuring light reaches every room corner.


Go Solar

Having your home run solely from solar panelling would be a surefire way to reduce energy costs, but we know it's not that easy! However, if you have outdoor lighting, switching to solar-powered garden lights will reduce energy usage when spending evenings outside enjoying your garden. 


Change Your Shade

Whilst a dark feature wall can create a statement in your home, it can also absorb light. If you have a space that requires a lot of energy to brighten the space, opt for a lighter shade when redecorating to allow light to reflect throughout the room.   

If your flooring is dark, such as natural wood floorings, a pale rug will reflect the light, brightening up the room whilst bringing an additional feature to your interior.  


Don't Forget!

We're all guilty of leaving the lights on when we leave the house sometimes! But to reduce your energy consumption, it's important to ensure you're turning off the lights when you leave the room.   

 If you're prone to forgetting (aren't we all!), smart home systems are a perfect addition to ensure all your lights are turned off by simply pressing a button on your app.


Night Lights

Being afraid of the dark is a fear many children experience. If your little one is having trouble sleeping without a light source, try a battery-powered stick-on wall light. Most of the night is spent fast asleep, so using electricity throughout this time can be costly. 


Lots Of Lamps

Whilst a ceiling light is perfect for the kitchen and dining space, a standing floor lamp accompanied with a table lamp is enough for most bedrooms and living spaces. 

To enhance their light projection, place an exposed bulb floor lamp in the corner of a room so light reflects up the walls to create a cosy but bright space this autumn.


Reducing your carbon footprint and saving on energy bills is essential when creating your dream home, which is why Haus of Interiors always opts for LED fixtures to save your pocket and the planet.

If you have any questions or would like any help when choosing the most energy-efficient light for your home, please get in touch at: customersupport@hausofinteriors.com

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