Why Choose Nordic Lighting?

Why Choose Nordic Lighting?
Nordic lighting design is an integral part of Scandinavian design traditions - exuding minimalistic beauty and functionality.
Due to the shortcomings of Nordic daylight, there is a passionate and detailed appreciation of light in the Nordic countries. The lack of light in winter means for many Nordic people, it is crucial to obtain sufficient light (both artificial and natural) with a suitable colour temperature that doesn’t cause glare and creates a bright, welcoming atmosphere.
In Nordic homes, lights are rarely used between spring and early autumn. The natural light coming through the large windows is often enough for general lighting. During this time of the year, lamps become almost merely design objects without a lighting function. This is why the form and the look of the unlit lamps is so important. Lighting fixtures have to be beautiful objects on their own, even without light.
In the Autumn months, artificial light is used more often. In the darkest times, often late December, the sun is barely seen over the horizon. The necessity of carefully designed light becomes apparent at this time, as ill-thought out lighting can become overwhelming, so each lamp has to be skilfully designed. The best Scandinavian lighting fixtures cascade a warm, cosy light. They don’t blind the viewer, just give the right amount of harmonious light where needed.
The high-quality materials used in Nordic lighting creates a resilient product that lasts through endless seasons. Opting for sustainable materials and sustainable options is another way Nordic lighting excels in comparison to other lighting designs. The muted tones and careful structure allows these pieces to age well and suit any aesthetic and interior. 
The principles and structure of Nordic lighting have shaped many of our products, as each is a beautiful feature that will enhance your home when the lights are switched on and off. 
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